About St. Cloud Karate

St. Cloud Karate & T'ai Chi Instruction has been in the business of teaching the art and skills of self-protection since 1975.

The owners and Head Instructors of the school, Jack and Beverly Gustafson bring over 70 years of combined martial arts experience to their students. They each hold identical rank in the following arts: Okinawan Kempo (Third Degree Black Belt); Japanese Shotokan Karate (2nd Degree Black Belt); Chinese Yang Style T'ai Chi (Instructor, 2nd Level); Okinawan Kobudo--Ancient Weapons--(1st Degree Black Belt).

Both daytime and evening classes are offered: Please click on "Class Schedule" in the menu on the left side of the page for days / nights and times.

The school curriculum consists of two primary arts: Okinawan Kempo and Chinese Yang Style T'ai Chi Ch'uan. You may choose either martial art to begin with, and you may study both arts later on, but it isn't recommended to attempt learning both arts at once unless you've had previous martial arts experience.

The Gustafsons believe in teaching concepts and principles, not merely techniques. They would rather have you learn a few dozen good concepts and be able to apply them than teach you hundreds of beautiful, fun-to-do, but otherwise useless techniques. There is no room for sport in the systems they teach. "It's all about learning self-protection, and becoming a better person in the process," they say.


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