A Class through District 742 School Community Education

Introduction to Okianawan Karate

Interested in learning a traditional martial art from Okinawan? In this course you will be exposed to the beginning movements and principles of this ancient discipline. Ideas of deflection, striking, kicking along with locks, holds and trapping will be presented if time permits. Begin your Karate journey with this class.

Course Materials Fee: $16.10 per person, payable to S.C.K.I. on the first class.

Taught by Jack &/or Beverly Gustafson
Classes held At: St Cloud Karate / Tai Chi Instruction / 1514-3rd Street North / St Cloud, MN 56303

4 Sessions:
Section 1: Saturday, Sept 27, Oct 4, 11, 25, 2014

Class limit: 10

Cost $20.00

Register through District 742 Community Education Offices at 320-529-6500


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An early form of Kempo (Okinawa-Te or Okinawa-Hand) was first devised hundreds of years ago by Okinawans as a means to protect themselves and their homeland, the Ryukyu Islands, against maurading pirates and other invaders.

Kempo was designed to be a highly effective method of self-defense, not as a sport. In fact in it's original form, it was too dangerous to be used as a sport. Only after Kempo had been 'defanged' (the lethal techniques removed), was it introduced into the Okinawan Public School System in 1902. This type of Kempo, nicknamed "School-Yard Fist", was used to teach the rudiments of Martial Arts to children.

It was this type of Kempo that was later 'exported' to Japan in the early 1920's, subsequently spreading all over the world under various names such as Wado Ryu, Shito Ryu, Shotokan, and also to the Korean arts such as Tae Kwon Do.

The original Kempo that is taught here at St. Cloud Karate / T'ai Chi Instruction has had a long history of being rarely shown or taught outside of Okinawa. It consists of Kyusho-Jitsu, or vital point strikes; Tuite, which are the joint locks, throws, and holds similar to Chinese Chi-Na and Japanese Aiki-Jitsu; as well as Kobudo, the way of the ancient weapons (Bo, Jo, Tanbo, Sai, Tonfa).

If you are looking for a martial art that will challenge you, push you beyond the mundane "block, kick, punch" curriculum most martial art schools seem satisfied to teach, then you've found your school!

Call today (320) 252-0144 to set up your first 4 half hour private lessons (only $89.50) to get started and to continue private coaching sessions with your personal trainer. We look forward to meeting you--'see you here!

Sensei Beverly Gustafson demonstrates a throwing move.

Student practices a throwing move during a Kempo Class.