For nearly 20 years, Camp Kiai has been an annual event held away from our school to expose members to a variety of activities that they generally don't get in our regular classroom curriculum.

Camp Kiai is a camping weekend (usually during the month of June) filled with new training methods, insightful information, and unique experiences designed to take your thinking "outside the box". (Oh, and we also have a lot of fun engineered into the weekend as well.)

Besides being a great opportunity for students to learn new martial arts skills and techniques, Camp Instructors also offer a variety of basic survival skills (another form of self-defense, right?). Things such as camp crafts; creating fire (flint & steel; fire bow; using concave mirrors, etc.); building a primitive debris hut; Native American camoflage; small animal tracking; how to tell directions using a wrist watch; using a map and compass; and even how to make solar panel cookers, to mention just a few of the skills taught at various camps.

Occasionally we've bring in experts in other martial arts so our students will be exposed to martial arts outside of those normally taught at our school. In the past we have had instructors from Tang Soo Do; Ed Parker's Kenpo; Tae kwon Do; Judo; Jiu-jitsu; Jeet Kun Do; Kwan Li K'an; Aikido; Aiki-jitsu; Iaido; Filipino stick and knife; Kendo; Kobujutsu; Hsing-I; Pa-Kua; Wing Chun Kung Fu; and various T'ai Chi Ch'uan systems.

We invite you to join us for one of the best weekends of your summer!

This year's camp date is pending.

To receive a Camp Kiai Registration Form please e-mail us at or call us at (320) 252-0144 during regular business hours M-F. 'See you at Camp!