Sensei Jack & Bev,

I am so glad I decided to get into Karate. It has taught me much over the years. If everyone took some sort of Martial Arts training, I believe there would be fewer problems in the world. Keep up the good work.

You guys have always been supportive to everyone that walks throgh your DOJO door and never any pressure. Just good advice and support. Thanks for all your help through the years.

S. Ringeisen St Cloud MN


Hello Sensei Jack and Bev,

I've been checking out the local dojo's around the Shreveport/Bossier City area and I'm not finding any that even resemble the training style and techniques you taught with.

I knew I was getting outstanding instruction, but I didn't have an inkling of how much before I started going to some other schools.

Such things as: private lessons before you join a group class, bowing into the dojo, taking role call, saying a credence before departing class, warm-ups, bowing to other students and the instructor when pairing off and demonstrations, the hard-wood floors, the upkeep on the building, the incredible workouts, the amount of applications to every move we did, the amount of effort and passion you taught with just to name a few.

I have also asked if there is any oral/written tests/essays due for belt tests. Most every place I've been to don't. These are just a few of the things I pick up on when I sit in on a class or watch.

And not yet have I walked into a dojo and felt the love and family that I did when I walked into yours. I remember you saying, "In order to see your house, sometimes you have step outside of it." I didn't think you meant it about what type of instructions you were giving. Boy, I was really, really spoiled!

B. Lemke 2nd Lt, USAF

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Dear Sensei Bev and Sensei Jack,

You and Sensei Jack are always on my mind when I'm in Minnesota.

I think I should show honor to you and Sensei Jack for what you've given me.

Stepping into the dojo is like returning to my foundation -- it's one of my homes.

D. Coe
Canon City, CO

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Dear Sensei Jack and Sensei Bev,

Thank you for your awesome instruction. It has been 10 years since I trained at SCKI and now I have started back with MTA Karate Academy in Fayetteville, NC with my son.

We are taking Tang Soo Do, but because of your thorough instruction it seems like I have only missed a day. My Kata came back in less than 1/2 lesson.

Based on my Kata the instructor asked to see my promotion certification from SCKI. He has decided to advance me to Orange Belt in Tang Soo Do.

At the time {I was at your studio} I appreciated the instruction {you gave}, but did not understand how really good it was.

Thank you for so much more knowledge and friendship.

J. Dills

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Karate for Tykes
Ages 4, 5, and 6 Year Olds

Tell us what you liked the most about this class:

“The boys enjoyed the structure and the new skills.”

“The discipline and the coordination learned. I would recommend the class to others.”

“Discipline and self confidence builder.”

“Really good structure. My kids need this. Also, really appreciate the emphasis on respect.”

“Great for teaching my son: careful listening and following directions.”

“The discipline and the coordination learned.”

“My children are slowly becoming more respectful to others.”

"Exposure to something new—new sport, work on coordination.”

“Structure, repetition for retention.”

“Really appreciate this type of intro to Karate. Thanks.”

“Great Instructors.” “Well run class."

"I like the way the lessons were taught--the kids learned a lot in a very controlled environment."

"Good instruction + Disipline."