Kobudo means "Way of the Ancient Weapons". We teach the Okinawan Matayoshi system. It is said in Okinawa that everyone has trained with Matayoshi Shinpo, or one of his ancestors.

The following primary weapons are taught at our school:

"Jo" (A 4-5' Staff)
"Roku-Shaku-Bo" (A 6' Staff)
"Tanbo" (A 2' Stick)
"Tonfa" (Side-handled Baton)
"Sai" (A Metal Truncheon)
"Kama" (A Sickle)

NOTE: the last (4) weapons are usually taught in pairs.

The importance of weapon-based training cannot be over-stressed. While it is not practical to carry these types of weapons about in our modern society, it is through this type of training we develop important attributes.

These aforementioned attributes include, but are not limited to, strength, flexibility, timing, distancing, coordination, balance, awareness, a sense of center, courage, and self-control.

After awhile you will be able to pick up nearly any object and use it for defense if needed because the global nature of kobudo training extends to all things.

Student practicing with Roku-Shaku-Bo (a 6' Staff).