Erle currently hails from Wales, having lived for many years in Murwillumbah, Australia. He has been practicing the martial/healing art of Tíai Chi Chíuan since 1968. His teachers include Master Wong Eog (1968), Master Chu King Hung (1973) London, Grandmaster Chang Yiu-Chun (one of only 2 disciples of Yang Shou-hou), from whom he learned the ìOld Yang Styleî and ìDim Makî.
Erle's books and videos are sold world-wide, his books being especially popular in China, where he was awarded the title of ìMasterî in 1985.

The End and A Beginning

The release of a GRAND SPIRIT !

This is a message from Erle’s son Eli, about his Dad’s passing:

Erle Montaigue
(Master Degree, China) 1949-2011

Only the good die young

So Dad had no chance!

As most of you know he had diabetes, and was controlling it with Diet and his training. And doing a bloody good job! As anyone who trained with him would tell you, how much energy he had, and how fit he was, no one could hit as hard as him!

Mum, Ben, Kathleen and I were all with him, I'm so glad I was here, as I live in Swansea now about an hour away.

We had just had a band practice the night before, and he was working on a song with Kathleen in the morning. Then I had what turned out to be my last lesson from him only about an hour before he left.

He was fighting fit, and had just ran up the road to catch up to Mum, Kathleen and I walking the dogs, a few minutes after we were all walking back down and he just said "hold me". As he sat down on the road, he was out in only a couple of seconds. I sprinted back to the house to get his diabetic kit, and Kathleen to the house near us to get some sugar. Ben was down at his house only 1/4 of a mile away, so Kathleen called him and he ran up.

When he got there we'd already started CPR, the paramedics got there in a helicopter, we were trying for about 15 minute, then the paramedics for another 20 or 30. I was pushing all the points I could think of, and even tried the old Pen through the foot trick!

The paramedics gave me a very strange look! Haha! But as it happened it was a clogged artery that caused the heart attack, so nothing would have worked.

But he got his wish, never to get old and to go out with a bang.
He didn't suffer at all, and was in his prime.

Dad was the closest person in the world to me, as you all know. Up until February 2010 I lived with him, and trained with him nearly every day, and even after I moved into my own house I still saw him for two or three days a week. And traveled with him to every workshop he did.

We're all staying strong and getting on with life, Kathleen handed me his favorite jacket just before I left to go to teach the other day, we all broke down. It's mine to wear for him now, as his footsteps will continue in me now. I'll never fill his shoes, as he's always had bigger feet than me, so the Jacket it is! It's the big bear like jacket that we use to hide in when he'd give us a hug when we were kids. I will never try to be Dad, but to just be me, and take on what he's left to me; with Ben at my side, and the help of my family and fellow instructors.

There has been some talk about what will happen to the WTBA now he's gone. I know I am only 24 years old, and would never make a claim to be of the same level as dad, or call myself a master etc. But he had already announced me as World leader of the WTBA, so it's been run under me for the past year already, and I will keep it running as the great organization he founded.

I am so glad to have had all the time I have with him, a lot of people just see a young kid and say "he's too young to lead an organization!" But I have grown up with Dad, spending nearly every day of my life with him. His teachings will live on in me as he wanted. And his spirit in all of his children.

Thank you to everyone for all your words, and thanks to all the WTBA instructors who have given their support to me in running the WTBA (World Taiji Boxing Association).

Love to all...

Eli Montaigue
(Head of the WTBA)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Our Comments

Erle visited us here at St Cloud Karate / Tai Chi Instruction back in the late 1990's. He was a great instructor; very informed, well spoken and made a connection with each member at the seminar. He was humble and very respectful of all Martial Art Systems.

He completed his life journey and we are proud to have been a small part his path. It was a great joy to have him here and we will always remember him.

Jack & Beverly Gustafson

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Erle 'lives on' through his Books and Videos

Encyclopedia of Dim-Mak, Volume 1

The Encyclopedia of Dim-Mak may well be Erle's definitive work. Our prediction is that anyone who regards themselves as a serious pressure-point researcher will want BOTH Vol. 1 & 2. Erle has combined his vast knowledge of pressure-point fighting with one of Australiaís top acupuncturists, Wally Simpson, to bring you these great volumes.

Volume 1 covers all the points on the 12 main meridians, how to locate them properly, the effects caused, the set-up points used to get maximum ìbang for the buckî out of the main point you wish to strike, as well as antidotes for each strike. (NOTE: some points have NO antidote!)

Every bit as important as the self-defense applications of the points is the healing applications, and these are all given as well.

This book can be purchased through us, call 320-252-0144 for details.

Encyclopedia of Dim-Mak, Volume 2

If "Dim-Mak, Volume 1" were to be likened to receiving a degree at a university, then "Dim-Mak, Volume 2" could be likened to receiving one's doctorate!

There are very few books in English which take on the subject of the extraordinary meridians in such an in-depth manner. We believe Erle really "let the cat out of the bag" when he published this one. For those of you who've seen people do knockouts or effect cures on people, but didn't seem to be following a mere creative or destructive cycle, or a diurnal cycle, they may very well have been using the knowledge that is spelled out so succinctly in this volume!

This book can be purchased through us, call 320-252-0144 for details.

Ultimate Dim-Mak How to Fight a Grappler and Win

Once a professional grappler himself, Erle ìspills the beansî on how to beat grapplers in a ìno-holds-barredî fight by revealing loopholes in their strategies and weaknesses in their art. He shows 5 devastating Dim-Mak ìsleeperî holds as well as special training methods which allow your subconcious mind to reflexively take over in a fight.

Book & Video

Do you want to learn a shortcut to obtaining the circular, flowing power of Dim-Mak? Erle has provided you with a ready-made method. In Part One, you will learn the 12-part solo form. In Part Two, you will learn the 12 corresponding fighting drills.
NOTE: Our advice to you is, if you want to learn the energy-development exercises, the book alone is enough, but if you want the combative applications DONíT purchase it without the video listed below (MTG/62). You truly need to see Mr. Montaigue perform these katas to get the most out of them.

This book can be purchased through us, call 320-252-0144 for details.


In this book, Mr. Montaigue tells the full story of Dim-Mak. In addition to revealing many of the most deadly points, he also describes which of the pressure points have ìantidote pointsî, and which do not. He also gives many of the healing points. The two charts at the end of the book are worth the price of the book alone!

This book can be purchased through us, call 320-252-0144 for details.


In this sequel to ìDim-Makî, Mr. Montaigue presents material on basic street survival techniques using pressure-points. Especially important is his material on ìNeurological Shutdownsî.
NOTE: this book works well with the following three videos: (1) ìDim-Makî; (2) ìKnife Defense for Law Enforcement Officers; and (3) ìKnockout and Controlling Points for Law Enforcement Officersî.

This book can be purchased through us, call 320-252-0144 for details.


Erle Montaigue
ìLIVE!î in
St. Cloud, Minnesota

When Mr. Montaigue made a world tour, he stopped at our school in St Cloud MN and put on a seminar for all of us. Small San Sau is one great fighting exercise! If you are looking for a training method which wonít leave you stale, consider this one! You can practice it solo, or with a training partner, and it will hone your fighting skills by teaching you how to really use the Taiji form to attack an assailantís Dim Mak points.
We think Erle is at his finest when heís teaching a group of eager students in a seminar setting. This tape brings out the warmth, the humor, the depth of knowledge of this highly-talented man. This kind of information would be a bargain at any price, but at this price, itís a steal! Tape approx. 65 min. long.

This DVD can be purchased through us, call 320-252-0144 for details.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


By Robb Whitewood

Mr. Whitewood is Chief Instructor to the Internal Martial Arts Academy and Chief Instructor of Hsing-I for the World Taiji Boxing Association under Erle Montaigue.

Learn the basics of Hsing-I with this book/video combination. You will get the application of the 5 Element Theory (Cycle of Destruction), the basic stances, body dynamics, footwork and applications of Hsing-I. The video is well filmed with simultaneous front and side views and step by step instructions for easy practice. Approx. 1 hour in length.

This book & DVD can be purchased through us, call 320-252-0144 for details.