Charts & Models


This color coded chart will relate the cycle of destruction to human senses, emotions, seasons, climate, time frames, greater and lesser Yin/Yang and Absolute Yin/Yang. One corner of the chart is devoted to the pulses: superficial and deep.


What makes this chart so special? (1) Its compact (8 1/2 x 14); (2) Its laminated on both sides, and (3) Its never the same chart twice! Half the body has been left blank for you to draw the points and meridians YOU are working on this week. Neat idea, huh? ( Wish wed thought of it, but were glad somebody did, because we all stand to benefit from it!)
The primary view is from the front of the body, with additional views of the arms and the back of the neck and head.


Think of using these as a fun way to learn how to Name That Point (or Meridian). They are small, portable, easy to use flash cards. They could be the NON-Trivial pursuit game of your martial art school! Cycles of Creation and Destruction; the Diurnal Cycle; the number of points on each meridian; the element for each meridian and more!


This handy, 'easy to use and carry' manual will help you learn where the Chinese Energy Meridians run on the human body. One section is for learning and studying the location of each Meridian and the other section is for you to draw the Meridian lines on the body. Both male and female sketches are used to help you get a deeper understanding of the locations of each of the 12 Meridians.


Heres a great quick-reference chart which shows both the Creation Cycle; the Destruction Cycle; which meridians are Yin or Yang; as well as the 24 Hour Diurnal Chi Flow Cycle! It comes fully laminated so you can make notes on it with your Vis-A-Vis marker (included FREE). Chart size: 8 1/2 tall X 11 wide.


These flexible rubber models are absolutely INDISPENSABLE! Lets face it, books, charts, and videos are great as far as they go, but they all have the same drawback--theyre 2-dimensional! Chinese physicians knew this thousands of years ago, and to this day they keep 3-D models of the head, hands, feet, and body near them for quick reference. These models show the 12 main meridians, the Conception Vessel, the Governing Vessel, 360 Standard points, and 80 Extra-Ordinary Points. Comes with its own wooden base and support rod, and a booklet which describes the name (Chinese) and number on the Meridian.


This set of 3 charts uses both Pinyin and Westernized point names. Excellent coloration and graphics, plus a chart legend distinguish the 12 main meridians as well as the Conception and Governing Vessels. Many new and extra acupuncture points are included. Ea. chart is approx. 23 W x 41 L