Kettlebell Classes

Instructor, Beverly Gustafson, demonstrates the 'Jerk' with a single Kettlebell.


Kettlebells or some version of them have probably been around since man first started lifting heavy spheres to strengthen his body.

The spheres you see depicted here are based on a Russian design popularized both here and abroad by Pavel Tsatsouline, a former conditioning coach for Soviet Special Forces (Spetsnaz).

According to Pavel, these "cannon balls with handles" will not only strengthen your muscles, but improve your connective tissue strength and your cardio vascular fitness as well. The secret? Never isolating a muscle, the biceps for example. Instead Pavel suggests that we use a form of strength training that incorporates the musculature of the whole body.

What really blows people away is how few repetitions are needed for any exercise you do with a kettlebell (also referred to as a KB). Usually a few sets of no more than 5 reps per exercise will suffice, with "active rest" (light jogging in place for 30-60 seconds, for example) in between sets. In just 20-30 minutes a day you will get a total body workout that almost magically burns off the fat and replaces it with muscle!

If you would like to experience kettlebells firsthand please call us today at (320) 252-0144 for an appointment for your private sessions (only $89.50). See you soon. Dosvedanya!

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Our on going group classes are held on
Wednesday Evenings from
7:00pm til 8:00pm
with a Low Monthly Fee of
Only $39.50

Instructor, Jack C. Gustafson, demonstrates the Single Arm Kettlebell Swing.


New Fall Classes through School District 742 Community Education

Call 320-257-3810 to Register

Kettlebells for Women

Ladies, do you want a workout that blasts the fat off of your belly, your butt, your thighs, and gives you a good cardio workout in less than an hour a day a few days a week? Then Russian Kettlebells are for you! This unique “low tech” conditioning tool (it looks like a cannonball with a handle) is both easy to practice with, and fun to use. (Even people who hate to lift weights LOVE to swing Kettlebells!) These exercises can be done anywhere, anytime. Your “gym” is in the palm of your hand.

Be sure to wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing. Discounted course material fee of $17.00 (included DVD for home practice) payable to St Cloud Karate & Tai Chi Instruction will be collected at the class.

Instructors: Jack and/or Bev Gustafson

Classes held At: St Cloud Karate / T’ai Chi Instruction / 1514-3rd Street North / St Cloud, MN 56303

Class Limit: 10

4 sessions. $20.00

Class Date / Time:

Next Session: Sat Feb 4, 11, 18, 25
9am -- 10am

Register Early as Space is limited!

Call: District 742 Community Education Offices at 320-257-3810 to Register!


Online at


February 2011 Kettlebell Students

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Kettlebell Women of March 2009 Community Education Class


Lifting a 70 pound Kettlebell is easy with the correct technique, concentration and body useage!


Kettlebell Class for February, 2009
at St Cloud Karate / Tai Chi Instruction

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Preparing to Swings Kettlebells with a towel
makes it easy to move them!

Swinging Kettlebells with Towels
Now this is FUN !!!

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Jack Gustafson demonstrates the 'Clean & Jerk' technique with a Kettlebell


The Beginners Kettlebell for Women Class of the
March, 2008 Community Education Class.


A 1/3 of a 'Get Up' from the floor done by
the students of
St Cloud Karate / Tai Chi Instruction

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January 2008 Kettlebell Community Education Graduates

District 742 Community Ed Students prepare to Swing Kettlebells

'Suitcase Pickup' with the Kettlebells is a great leg and hip strengthening technique.

Kettlebell Feedback

"This was great. I really enjoyed it al lot. Great Workout !"

"Great Class, Great Instructors."

"It really makes you concentrate."

"I am a runner and now, thanks to Kettlebells, I have more stamina."

"It's more fun than I thought it would be."

SCKI's First Intermediate Kettlebell Class for School District 742
Completed in November, 2008


(Left-To-Right) Nick Munger, Pavel Tsatsouline (the "Father" of modern-day kettlebell use in America), Jack Gustafson

School District 742 Community Education Class
February 17, 2007

Student concentrates on control and body alignment in this Double Arm Kettlebell Swing.

Spotters watch as participants perform the Double Arm Kettlebell Swing.

School District 742 Community Education Class
February 24, 2007

Another student practices the Double Arm Swing.

School District 742 Community Education Class
March 3, 2007

Students showing the beginning of the Kettlebell Double Arm Swing and the completion of the Double Arm Swing.

Student does Elevated Single Suitcase Kettlebell Pick-Up.

Instructor, Jack C. Gustafson, demonstrates the proper use of the legs and hips in swinging a Kettlebell.

Single Arm Kettlebell Pick-Up.

Students practice the Double Arm Kettlebell Swing.

The Double Arm Suitcase Pick-Up with Kettlebells.

"This is so much fun, I just love it."

School District 742 Community Education Class
Held on
May 19, 2007

"I get more of a workout in this class than I do in a hour or two hours at the Gym!" L.T.



by Beverly Gustafson

This DVD covers what we consider to be the basic movements and techniques needed for training with the Kettlebell. Beverly Gustafson takes you from how to pick up a bell; carry it, lift it and how to swing it. She has great coaching ideas for both the beginning and experienced student alike.

She starts you out with Kettlebell Safety Tips and Proper Body Positioning and then moves on to: Warm-Ups; Double and Single Pick-Ups; "Suite-Case" Pick-Ups; Box Squats; Rocking Box Squats; One & Two-Handed Swings; The Clean; The Jerk; The Body "Satellite" and more!

So, if you would like to have your very own kettlebell instructor to coach you anytime you need help, be sure to pick up a copy of "Kettlebell Basics, Volume 1" by Beverly Gustafson.

The DVD is available at our dojo for the introductory price of only $29.95 (+ tax). To buy a copy for yourself, or perhaps as a gift for someone else you can call us at: (320) 252-0144 or you can e-mail us at: Get yours today!


Kettlebell Basics: THE WORKOUT!
With Jack & Beverly Gustafson
Is Now Available!

This new DVD WILL make you sweat and leave you gasping for air the first time you work along with it! It takes you through a combination of all the techniques you learned on "Kettlebell Basics, Volume One" in a tough but fun 30 minute workout that will push you to your limits.

This DVD will give you one of the best muscle-loading, stamina-building, cardio-kettlebell workouts you could ask for! And it will DEFINITELY help prepare you for two of our up-coming DVD's: "Kettlebell Basics, Vol 2: The Intermediate Techniques"; and "Kettlebell Basics 2: The Workout".

Stop by and pick one up for yourself and/or a friend today. Or if you don't live near our school you can always call us at (320) 252-0144 and order a copy for only $29.95 (+ 7% State and Local taxes + $3.95 USPS Shipping).

Do your body a favor and buy one today!

(320) 252-0144

Comments on the Kettlebell Workout DVD

"Wow!--Great DVD! I'm shot after the session, but I also feel GREAT!" SG

"I loved the video-- I like the range of workout intensity. Really a great workout!" RW

"Nice Job! Thank You." TS

"What Fun!" JJ

"Good Deal for the Money!" LT

"Thank you for taking the time to put together another great Kettlebells DVD!

I thoroughly enjoy working out with the Basics Volume 1, and have now transitioned to The Workout. I particularly enjoy the new and exciting exercises to add to the basics. The exercises are exciting and fun to do. I particularly appreciate the pauses you put in with the peppy music to keep you moving. I also appreciated the training tips sheet I received with the DVD. Will be looking for Kettlebells Intermediate in the future!

Thanks again, and congratulations on the great job. Awesome DVD."


The NEW Kettlebell DVD “Intermediate Kettlebells, Vol. 1” is now available. It is 30 min. long and has a nice assortment of more challenging techniques than were taught on our first KB
DVD's. There are standing actions and ground/floor techniques to bring new enjoyment with your Kettlebell!

Regular Price: $29.95

Purchase a NEW KB and get the DVD for FREE!

Join the KettleBell Class and get this DVD in your Course Materials Packet and pay only, $16.05!!!



Russian Kettlebell Prices:

4 kg (8.8 lbs.) (Blue)
$55.45 Plus Tax

6 kg (13.2 lbs.) (Lime Green)
$65.45 Plus Tax

8 kg (17.6 lbs.) (Yellow)
$74.45 Plus Tax

10 kg (22 lbs.) (Violet)
$79.45 Plus Tax

12 kg (26.4 lbs.) (Green)
$83.45 Plus Tax

14 kg (30.8 lbs.) (Purple)
$87.45 Plus Tax

16 kg (35.2 lbs.) (Red)
$91.45 Plus Tax

18 kg (40 lbs.) (Sky Blue)
$99.45 Plus Tax

20 kg (44 lbs.) (Silver)
$115.45 Plus Tax

Call (320) 252-0144 and order your kettlebell today!




Buy a kettlebell of ANY SIZE and receive (1) FREE month of group training at our school on Wednesdays from 7:00--8:00 p.m.. You will also receive a FREE DVD so you can work out at home. (You may choose either "Kettlebell Basics, Vol. 1" , "Kettlebell Workout, Vol. 1" or the newly released Intermediate Kettlebells Vol. 1 !) Call us at (320) 252-0144 to purchase your new kettlebell today!