Back Row: Sensei Beverly Gustafson, C. Burke, L. Klien, M. Levendowski, S. Skallerud, J. Johnson, J. Van Donsel, Sensei Jack C. Gustafson
Middle Row: T. Kangas, J. Franco
Front Row: C. Vang, L. Thompson, M. Cunningham


This Free T'ai Chi (Taiji) Class was held Saturday, July 21, 2007 at St Cloud Karate T'ai Chi Instruction. There were eleven participants that arrived for the 10 a.m. class.

We began with Qigong practice based on the version developed by Master Chunyi Lin called Spring Forest Qigong. Sensei Jack guided everyone through the various moves and postures with proper breathing and standing. It was a wonderful way to slowly get the body moving first thing in the morning.

The second half of the class was devoted to the simple move from the Yang system of T'ai Chi called P'eng ("Ward Off" ). This posture allows the student to feel not only his/her own energy, but also that of a partner. Participants practiced this idea with a drill called "Push Hands." Everyone enjoyed learning how to send their own energy while also feeling the incoming energy of their partner.

We hope to do this again in the future, so please check back to this location to find out when it will be taking place. You may also call us at 320-252-0144, or send an e-mail to us in care of Sensei Jack at:


T. Kangas and J. Johnson practice the Push Hands drill at the FREE T'ai Chi Class at S.C.K.I.


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More photos from the T'ai Chi Day at SCKI

Participants work on their Qigong (energy building) techniques.

Students practice the Spring Forest Qigong exercises.

Sensei Jack Gustafson helps students with their 'Push Hands' drill.

Jason works his energy with James in the 'Push Hands' drill.

All Photos courtesy of Beverly Gustafson. Copyright 2007 All Rights Reserved.