WJON Radio from St Cloud visits St Cloud Karate / T'ai Chi Instruction

Bob Hughes from WJON brings coffee and muffins for SCKI students and staff.

Sensei Jack Gustafson leads Bob and other students through postures from the Yang Cheng Fu T'ai Chi Long Form.

Sensei Jack Gustafson positions Bob to get the correct body alignment in the 'Parting Horse's Main' technique.

Hand and wrist positions are very important for proper energy flow and Sensei Jack makes sure that Bob's are correct.

Claire Sebasky does a push action on Sensei Jack while Bob Hughes from WJON radio watches from the sidelines.

Bob Hughes from WJON is introduced to Push Hands : working and understanding the partner's energy.

Bob takes directions from Sensei Jack Gustafson while practicing 'Push Hands' with Janelle Johnson.

Jason Von Donsel and Claire Sebasky practice the P'eung (Parting Horse's Main) during the visit of Bob Hughes from WJON radio station of St Cloud.

Janelle Johnson practices 'Push Hands' (Energy Sharing) with Bob Hughes from WJON radio station in St Cloud.

Bob is getting a good feel for 'Push Hands' with Janelle Johnson of SCKI.

After a few minutes of practice, Bob Hughes, from WJON radio is beginning to grasp the elements of 'Push Hands' with Janelle Johnson.

After practice, Bob Hughes, of WJON radio station shares coffee and muffins from Perkins Restaurants with members of SCKI.

Coffee and muffins from Perkins Restaurants of St Cloud.

Jason Von Donsel, Claire Sebasky and Janelle Johnson enjoy muffins from Perkins Restaurant courtesy of WJON radio station of St Cloud.

Sensei Jack Gustafson presents Bob Hughes with a complimentary T'ai Chi T-Shirt.

Left to Right: Sensei Bev Gustafson, Bob Hughes (WJON Radio), and Sensei Jack Gustafson

Particpants at WJON's visit to SCKI: Back row, Sensei Jack C. Gustafson, Bob Hughes from WJON, Janelle Johnson, Jason Van Donsel. Front Row, Claire Sebasky, Sensei Bev Gustafson

All photographs taken by Beverly Gustafson. All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2007