You can personalize your Kettlebell with colors and styles that suit you. Here are some steps you can follow to create a 'Bell' that is all YOU!

Purchase your bell and lightly sand with medium to fine steel wool.

Tape off the handle of your bell as you do not want paint on the handle as it interfers with your hanging on to the bell for swinging or lifting.

Spray light and even with white paint as a primer. You may need several coats to cover all the black areas. be sure the coats are thin so there will be no 'run' spots.

After the primer paint is dry, spray your color(s) choices lightly and evenly on your bell. Like the primer, this may take several coats to cover your bell.

Our stencil pattern cut from cardboard.

We chose to add another color to our bell as decoration. We created a stencil pattern and sprayed the design onto the bell. You can do it this way or do your own creation by applying several colors and/or patterns. Have fun at this stage of your personalization.

After all your coats of paint have dried, you will apply a clear-coat sealant to help prevent your kettlebell's paint from chipping when training.

If your bell does not have rubber bumper on the bottom, you may wish to add a home-made one of your own. Do this by applying a circle of clear silicone (door and window caulking works perfect) around the edge of your bell.

It is best to let this silicone dry for at least 24 hours before turning your bell over.

Your floors will now be protected from your kettlebell, and you have a beautiful, personalized bell that was both easy and fun to do!