Training with clubs in India goes back several thousand years, to a time that pre-dates yoga, and continues to this day. Why? Originally, club swinging was used to prepare warriors for combat. But in the process of swinging their clubs the warriors found out that there were other benefits in addition to the fighting aspects.

Besides strengthening their muscles and coordinating their bodies by swinging their clubs, it was found that the sinews of the joints were strengthened, cardiovascular health improved, good balance was achieved, and even injured shoulders were rehabilitated! With these kinds of benefits, was it any wonder that club swinging was eventually picked up and practiced by the rest of Indian society as well?

Graduates of the March, 2009 Community Education Indian Clubs Class


Students practice individual swings with their Indian Clubs


Indian Clubs group photo of participants in the
February, 2009 Community Education Class



If you would like to try out this ancient form of exercise for yourself and experience the benefits of swinging Indian Clubs, be sure to call sign up with School District 742 Community Education.

Call 320-257-3810 today, as class size is limited. Class dates, times, and special fees are listed below.

Students should wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing, and we train in socks or bare feet so we can feel the floor for better balance.

Classes will be held at our school:

St Cloud Karate Instruction
1514-3rd St North
St Cloud MN 56303

You may call us with any questions you may have about Indian Clubs, directions, etc., at:

Class limit: 10 people (No One Under 18 years of age.)

Instructors : Jack & Bev Gustafson

There will be (4) sessions per Class. There is also a discounted mandatory course materials fee of $17.00 (includes a DVD for home practice) payable to St Cloud Karate & Tai Chi Instruction, which will be collected at the first class. (Cash or Check is fine.)

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Thursday May 19th 6pm -- 7pm

Call 320-257-3810 School District 742 today!


January, 2009 Indian Clubs Partcipants


Instructor, Jack C. Gustafson demonstrates
a basic Indian Club Swing with dual clubs