New Classes Offered Through District 742 Community Education

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“Gada & Girya” (Indian Clubs & Kettlebells)

For those of you who want to sample two excellent methods of improving you strength, flexibility and stamina all within one course---THIS is the course for you! You will begin with the ‘gada’ or clubs from India which helps improve cardiovascular health, create better balance, and has been observed to rehab injured shoulders. You will
then transition into the ‘girya’ or Russian kettlebells (it looks like a cannonball with a handle). In swinging Indian Clubs and kettlebells, you will end up with real, useable, body strength. These unique conditioning tools are both easy and fun to use.

Be sure to wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing.

Course material fee of $17.00 (includes a DVD for home practice) payable to St Cloud Karate & Tai Chi Instruction will be collected at the class.

Instructors: Jack & Bev Gustafson

Classes Held At: St Cloud Karate Instruction / 1514-3rd Street North /
St Cloud, MN 56303

Class limit: 8

4 Classes: $20.00

Class Date / Time: Check back for future sessions